About Us

Off Duty Police Services, Inc is a growing professional business that was started in November 1996 and grew to incorporate in January 1997.

O.D.P.S. specializes in hiring subcontractors that are highly trained police and security officers for several national and regional companies throughout the Greater Louisville Metro, Southern Indiana and surrounding counties in need of off duty police and security type services.

Our services range from traffic control, protection of property, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, auto dealerships, sporting events, community events, conventions, lodging properties, corporate functions, executive protection, special events, armed escorts, and businesses that need a police presence.

Police officers are scheduled from local police agencies including surrounding county law enforcement departments but with primary source that of Louisville Metro Police Department. All sworn officers are certified through the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. All officers have authorization from their respective agencies to work off duty and including use of their police vehicles, uniforms and authority as police officers while working for O.D.P.S. All subcontractors provide their own vehicles, uniforms, safety lights. 

Our company currently has over 200 resource officers in our database and schedules 50-75 subcontractors officers on a regular basis. Both short term and long term assignments are welcomed and are a vital part of our daily operations.

Darrell Spurgeon